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Impact of Communication Delay on Asynchronous Distributed Optimal Power Flow Using ADMM

by   Junyao Guo, et al.
ETH Zurich
Carnegie Mellon University

Distributed optimization has attracted lots of attention in the operation of power systems in recent years, where a large area is decomposed into smaller control regions each solving a local optimization problem with periodic information exchange with neighboring regions. However, most distributed optimization methods are iterative and require synchronization of all regions at each iteration, which is hard to achieve without a centralized coordinator and might lead to under-utilization of computation resources due to the heterogeneity of the regions. To address such limitations of synchronous schemes, this paper investigates the applicability of asynchronous distributed optimization methods to power system optimization. Particularly, we focus on solving the AC Optimal Power Flow problem and propose an algorithmic framework based on the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers (ADMM) method that allows the regions to perform local updates with information received from a subset of but not all neighbors. Through experimental studies, we demonstrate that the convergence performance of the proposed asynchronous scheme is dependent on the communication delay of passing messages among the regions. Under mild communication delays, the proposed scheme can achieve comparable or even faster convergence compared with its synchronous counterpart, which can be used as a good alternative to centralized or synchronous distributed optimization approaches.


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