Immercity: a curation content application in Virtual and Augmented reality

by   Jean-Daniel Taupiac, et al.

When working with emergent and appealing technologies as Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality, the issue of definitions appear very often. Indeed, our experience with various publics allows us to notice that technology definitions pose ambiguity and representation problems for informed as well as novice users. In this paper we present Immercity, a content curation system designed in the context of a collaboration between the University of Montpellier and CapGemi-ni, to deliver a technology watch. It is also used as a testbed for our experiences with Virtual, Mixed and Augmented reality to explore new interaction techniques and devices, artificial intelligence integration, visual affordances, performance , etc. But another, very interesting goal appeared: use Immercity to communicate about Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality by using them as a support.



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