ImageNet-21K Pretraining for the Masses

04/22/2021 ∙ by Tal Ridnik, et al. ∙ 0

ImageNet-1K serves as the primary dataset for pretraining deep learning models for computer vision tasks. ImageNet-21K dataset, which contains more pictures and classes, is used less frequently for pretraining, mainly due to its complexity, and underestimation of its added value compared to standard ImageNet-1K pretraining. This paper aims to close this gap, and make high-quality efficient pretraining on ImageNet-21K available for everyone. Via a dedicated preprocessing stage, utilizing WordNet hierarchies, and a novel training scheme called semantic softmax, we show that various models, including small mobile-oriented models, significantly benefit from ImageNet-21K pretraining on numerous datasets and tasks. We also show that we outperform previous ImageNet-21K pretraining schemes for prominent new models like ViT. Our proposed pretraining pipeline is efficient, accessible, and leads to SoTA reproducible results, from a publicly available dataset. The training code and pretrained models are available at:



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Official Pytorch Implementation of: "ImageNet-21K Pretraining for the Masses"(2021) paper

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