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Image Quality Assessment for Foliar Disease Identification (AgroPath)

by   Nisar Ahmed, et al.

Crop diseases are a major threat to food security and their rapid identification is important to prevent yield loss. Swift identification of these diseases are difficult due to the lack of necessary infrastructure. Recent advances in computer vision and increasing penetration of smartphones have paved the way for smartphone-assisted disease identification. Most of the plant diseases leave particular artifacts on the foliar structure of the plant. This study was conducted in 2020 at Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan to check leaf-based plant disease identification. This study provided a deep neural network-based solution to foliar disease identification and incorporated image quality assessment to select the image of the required quality to perform identification and named it Agricultural Pathologist (Agro Path). The captured image by a novice photographer may contain noise, lack of structure, and blur which result in a failed or inaccurate diagnosis. Moreover, AgroPath model had 99.42 especially useful for application of foliar disease identification in the field of agriculture.


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