Image Optimization and Prediction

by   Shweta Jain, et al.

Image Processing, Optimization and Prediction of an Image play a key role in Computer Science. Image processing provides a way to analyze and identify an image .Many areas like medical image processing, Satellite images, natural images and artificial images requires lots of analysis and research on optimization. In Image Optimization and Prediction we are combining the features of Query Optimization, Image Processing and Prediction . Image optimization is used in Pattern analysis, object recognition, in medical Image processing to predict the type of diseases, in satellite images for predicting weather forecast, availability of water or mineral etc. Image Processing, Optimization and analysis is a wide open area for research .Lots of research has been conducted in the area of Image analysis and many techniques are available for image analysis but, a single technique is not yet identified for image analysis and prediction .our research is focused on identifying a global technique for image analysis and Prediction.


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