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Image-free single-pixel segmentation

by   Haiyan Liu, et al.
Beijing Institute of Technology

The existing segmentation techniques require high-fidelity images as input to perform semantic segmentation. Since the segmentation results contain most of edge information that is much less than the acquired images, the throughput gap leads to both hardware and software waste. In this letter, we report an image-free single-pixel segmentation technique. The technique combines structured illumination and single-pixel detection together, to efficiently samples and multiplexes scene's segmentation information into compressed one-dimensional measurements. The illumination patterns are optimized together with the subsequent reconstruction neural network, which directly infers segmentation maps from the single-pixel measurements. The end-to-end encoding-and-decoding learning framework enables optimized illumination with corresponding network, which provides both high acquisition and segmentation efficiency. Both simulation and experimental results validate that accurate segmentation can be achieved using two-order-of-magnitude less input data. When the sampling ratio is 1 accuracy reaches above 96 technique can be widely applied in various resource-limited platforms such as UAV and unmanned vehicle that require real-time sensing.


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