Image Denoising using New Adaptive Based Median Filters

by   Suman Shrestha, et al.

Noise is a major issue while transferring images through all kinds of electronic communication. One of the most common noise in electronic communication is an impulse noise which is caused by unstable voltage. In this paper, the comparison of known image denoising techniques is discussed and a new technique using the decision based approach has been used for the removal of impulse noise. All these methods can primarily preserve image details while suppressing impulsive noise. The principle of these techniques is at first introduced and then analysed with various simulation results using MATLAB. Most of the previously known techniques are applicable for the denoising of images corrupted with less noise density. Here a new decision based technique has been presented which shows better performances than those already being used. The comparisons are made based on visual appreciation and further quantitatively by Mean Square error (MSE) and Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR) of different filtered images..


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