Image Deconvolution via Noise-Tolerant Self-Supervised Inversion

06/11/2020 ∙ by Hirofumi Kobayashi, et al. ∙ 81

We propose a general framework for solving inverse problems in the presence of noise that requires no signal prior, no noise estimate, and no clean training data. We only require that the forward model be available and that the noise be statistically independent across measurement dimensions. We build upon the theory of J-invariant functions (Batson Royer 2019, arXiv:1901.11365) and show how self-supervised denoising à la Noise2Self is a special case of learning a noise-tolerant pseudo-inverse of the identity. We demonstrate our approach by showing how a convolutional neural network can be taught in a self-supervised manner to deconvolve images and surpass in image quality classical inversion schemes such as Lucy-Richardson deconvolution.



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