Image color transfer to evoke different emotions based on color combinations

by   Li He, et al.

In this paper, a color transfer framework to evoke different emotions for images based on color combinations is proposed. The purpose of this color transfer is to change the "look and feel" of images, i.e., evoking different emotions. Colors are confirmed as the most attractive factor in images. In addition, various studies in both art and science areas have concluded that other than single color, color combinations are necessary to evoke specific emotions. Therefore, we propose a novel framework to transfer color of images based on color combinations, using a predefined color emotion model. The contribution of this new framework is three-fold. First, users do not need to provide reference images as used in traditional color transfer algorithms. In most situations, users may not have enough aesthetic knowledge or path to choose desired reference images. Second, because of the usage of color combinations instead of single color for emotions, a new color transfer algorithm that does not require an image library is proposed. Third, again because of the usage of color combinations, artifacts that are normally seen in traditional frameworks using single color are avoided. We present encouraging results generated from this new framework and its potential in several possible applications including color transfer of photos and paintings.


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