Image Block Loss Restoration Using Sparsity Pattern as Side Information

by   Hossein Hosseini, et al.

In this paper, we propose a method for image block loss restoration based on the notion of sparse representation. We use the sparsity pattern as side information to efficiently restore block losses by iteratively imposing the constraints of spatial and transform domains on the corrupted image. Two novel features, including a pre-interpolation and a criterion for stopping the iterations, are proposed to improve the performance. Also, to deal with practical applications, we develop a technique to transmit the side information along with the image. In this technique, we first compress the side information and then embed its LDPC coded version in the least significant bits of the image pixels. This technique ensures the error-free transmission of the side information, while causing only a small perturbation on the transmitted image. Mathematical analysis and extensive simulations are performed to validate the method and investigate the efficiency of the proposed techniques. The results verify that the proposed method outperforms its counterparts for image block loss restoration.



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