Image biomarker standardisation initiative

12/21/2016 ∙ by Alex Zwanenburg, et al. ∙ 0

While analysis of medical images has practically taken place since the first image was recorded, high throughput analysis of medical images is a more recent phenomenon. The aim of such a radiomics process is to provide decision support based on medical imaging. Part of the radiomics process is the conversion of image data into numerical features which capture different medical image aspects, and can be subsequently correlated as biomarkers to e.g. expected oncological treatment outcome. With the growth of the radiomics field, it has become clear that results are often difficult to reproduce, that standards for image processing and feature extraction are missing, and that reporting guidelines are absent. The image biomarker standardisation initiative (IBSI) seeks to address these issues. The current document provides definitions for a large number of image features as well as common image processing elements.



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