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IEEE Trust, Acceptance and Social Cues in Human-Robot Interaction – SCRITA 2022 Workshop

by   Alessandra Rossi, et al.

The Trust, Acceptance and Social Cues in Human-Robot Interaction - SCRITA is the 5th edition of a series of workshops held in conjunction with the IEEE RO-MAN conference. This workshop focuses on addressing the challenges and development of the dynamics between people and robots in order to foster short interactions and long-lasting relationships in different fields, from educational, service, collaborative, companion, care-home and medical robotics. In particular, we aimed in investigating how robots can manipulate (i.e. creating, improving, and recovering) people's ability of accepting and trusting them for a fruitful and successful coexistence between humans and people. While advanced progresses are reached in studying and evaluating the factors affecting acceptance and trust of people in robots in controlled or short-term (repeated interactions) setting, developing service and personal robots, that are accepted and trusted by people where the supervision of operators is not possible, still presents an open challenge for scientists in robotics, AI and HRI fields. In such unstructured static and dynamic human-centred environments scenarios, robots should be able to learn and adapt their behaviours to the situational context, but also to people's prior experiences and learned associations, their expectations, and their and the robot's ability to predict and understand each other's behaviours. Although the previous editions valued the participation of leading researchers in the field and several exceptional invited speakers who tackled down some fundamental points in this research domains, we wish to continue to further explore the role of trust in robotics to present groundbreaking research to effectively design and develop socially acceptable and trustable robots to be deployed "in the wild". Website:


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