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Identifying human values from goal models: An industrial case study

by   Tahira Iqbal, et al.
University of Tartu

Human values are principles that guide human actions and behaviour in personal and social life. Ignoring human values during requirements engineering introduces a negative impact on software uptake and continued use. Embedding human values into software is admittedly challenging; however, early elicitation of stakeholder values increases the chances of their inclusion into the developed system. Using Pharaon, a research and innovation project of the European Union's Horizon 2020 program, as a case study we analysed stakeholder requirements expressed as motivational goal models consisting of functional, quality, and emotional goals in three large-scale trial applications of the project. We were able to elicit 9 of 10 human values according to the theory of human values by Schwartz from the motivational goal models that represent the requirements for the three applications. Our findings highlight the dominant trend of stakeholder values being embedded in emotional goals and show that almost 45 and Self-direction. Our research extends prior work in emotional goal modelling in requirements engineering by linking emotional goals to various stakeholder roles and identifying their values based on the Schwartz theory of human values


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