Identificación y Registro Catastral de Cuerpos de Agua mediante Técnicas de Procesamiento Digital de Imagenes

09/29/2013 ∙ by Kevin Rojas Laura, et al. ∙ 0

The effects of global climate change on Peruvian glaciers have brought about several processes of deglaciation during the last few years. The immediate effect is the change of size of lakes and rivers. Public institutions that monitor water resources currently have only recent studies which make up less than 10 information intensify social-economic problems related to water resources in Peru. The objective of this research is to develop a software application to automate the Cadastral Registry of Water Bodies in Peru, using techniques of digital image processing, which would provide tools for detection, record, temporal analysis and visualization of water bodies. The images used are from the satellite Landsat5, which undergo a pre-processing of calibration and correction of the satellite. Detection results are archived into a file that contains location vectors and images of the segmentated bodies of water.



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