ICSrange: A Simulation-based Cyber Range Platform for Industrial Control Systems

by   Vincenzo Giuliano, et al.

Maintenance staff of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) is generally not aware about information technologies, and even less about cyber security problems. The scary impact of cyber attacks in the industrial world calls for tools to train defensive skills and test effective security measures. Cyber range offers this opportunity, but current research is lacking cost-effective solutions verticalized for the industrial domain. This work proposes ICSrange, a simulation-based cyber range platform for Industrial Control Systems. ICSrange adopts Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technologies to virtualize an enterprise network connected to Industrial Control Systems. ICSrange is the outcome of a preliminary study intended to investigate challenges and opportunities to build a configurable and extensible cyber range with simulated industrial processes. Literature shows that testbeds based on realistic mock-ups are effectively employed to develop complex exploits like Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), hence motivating their usage to train and test security in ICS. We prove the effectiveness of ICSrange through the execution of a multi-staged attack that breaches an enterprise network and progressively intrudes a simulated ICS with water tanks. The attack mimics lateral movements as observed in APTs.



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