ICD 10 Based Medical Expert System Using Fuzzy Temporal Logic

by   P. Chinniah, et al.

Medical diagnosis process involves many levels and considerable amount of time and money are invariably spent for the first level of diagnosis usually made by the physician for all the patients every time. Hence there is a need for a computer based system which not only asks relevant questions to the patients but also aids the physician by giving a set of possible diseases from the symptoms obtained using logic at inference. In this work, an ICD10 based Medical Expert System that provides advice, information and recommendation to the physician using fuzzy temporal logic. The knowledge base used in this system consists of facts of symptoms and rules on diseases. It also provides fuzzy severity scale and weight factor for symptom and disease and can vary with respect to time. The system generates the possible disease conditions based on modified Euclidean metric using Elders algorithm for effective clustering. The minimum similarity value is used as the decision parameter to identify a disease.


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