I-ViSE: Interactive Video Surveillance as an Edge Service using Unsupervised Feature Queries

by   Seyed Yahya Nikouei, et al.

Situation AWareness (SAW) is essential for many mission critical applications. However, SAW is very challenging when trying to immediately identify objects of interest or zoom in on suspicious activities from thousands of video frames. This work aims at developing a queryable system to instantly select interesting content. While face recognition technology is mature, in many scenarios like public safety monitoring, the features of objects of interest may be much more complicated than face features. In addition, human operators may not be always able to provide a descriptive, simple, and accurate query. Actually, it is more often that there are only rough, general descriptions of certain suspicious objects or accidents. This paper proposes an Interactive Video Surveillance as an Edge service (I-ViSE) based on unsupervised feature queries. Adopting unsupervised methods that do not reveal any private information, the I-ViSE scheme utilizes general features of a human body and color of clothes. An I-ViSE prototype is built following the edge-fog computing paradigm and the experimental results verified the I-ViSE scheme meets the design goal of scene recognition in less than two seconds.


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