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HyperSec: Visual Analytics for blockchain security monitoring

by   Benedikt Putz, et al.

Today, permissioned blockchains are being adopted by large organizations for business critical operations. Consequently, they are subject to attacks by malicious actors. Researchers have discovered and enumerated a number of attacks that could threaten availability, integrity and confidentiality of blockchain data. However, currently it remains difficult to detect these attacks. We argue that security experts need appropriate visualizations to assist them in detecting attacks on blockchain networks. To achieve this, we develop HyperSec, a visual analytics monitoring tool that provides relevant information at a glance to detect ongoing attacks on Hyperledger Fabric. For evaluation, we connect the HyperSec prototype to a Hyperledger Fabric test network. The results show that common attacks on Fabric can be detected by a security expert using HyperSec's visualizations.


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