Hypernormalisation, linear exponential monads and the Giry tricocycloid

by   Richard Garner, et al.

We provide new categorical perspectives on Jacobs' notion of hypernormalisation of sub-probability distributions. In particular, we show that a suitable general framework for notions of hypernormalisation is that of a symmetric monoidal category endowed with a linear exponential monad---a notion arising in the categorical semantics of Girard's linear logic. We show that Jacobs' original notion of hypernormalisation arises in this way from the finitely supported probability measure monad on the category of sets, which can be seen as a linear exponential monad with respect to a monoidal structure on sets arising from a quantum-algebraic object which we term the Giry tricocycloid. We give many other examples of hypernormalisation arising from other linear exponential monads.


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