Hypergraph-of-Entity: A General Model for Entity-Oriented Search

by   José Devezas, et al.

The hypergraph-of-entity was conceptually proposed as a general model for entity-oriented search. However, only the performance for ad hoc document retrieval had been assessed. We continue this line of research by also evaluating ad hoc entity retrieval, and entity list completion. We also attempt to scale the model, so that it can support the complete INEX 2009 Wikipedia collection. We do this by indexing the top keywords for each document, reducing complexity by partially lowering the number of nodes and, indirectly, the number of hyperedges linking terms to entities. This enables us to compare the effectiveness of the hypergraph-of-entity with the results obtained by the participants of the INEX tracks for the considered tasks. We find this to be a viable model that is, to our knowledge, the first attempt at a generalization in information retrieval, in particular by supporting a universal ranking function for multiple entity-oriented search tasks.



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