Hypercorrelation Squeeze for Few-Shot Segmentation

by   Juhong Min, et al.

Few-shot semantic segmentation aims at learning to segment a target object from a query image using only a few annotated support images of the target class. This challenging task requires to understand diverse levels of visual cues and analyze fine-grained correspondence relations between the query and the support images. To address the problem, we propose Hypercorrelation Squeeze Networks (HSNet) that leverages multi-level feature correlation and efficient 4D convolutions. It extracts diverse features from different levels of intermediate convolutional layers and constructs a collection of 4D correlation tensors, i.e., hypercorrelations. Using efficient center-pivot 4D convolutions in a pyramidal architecture, the method gradually squeezes high-level semantic and low-level geometric cues of the hypercorrelation into precise segmentation masks in coarse-to-fine manner. The significant performance improvements on standard few-shot segmentation benchmarks of PASCAL-5i, COCO-20i, and FSS-1000 verify the efficacy of the proposed method.



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Official PyTorch Implementation of Hypercorrelation Squeeze for Few-Shot Segmentation, ICCV 2021

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