Hyperbolic Deep Neural Networks: A Survey

01/12/2021 ∙ by Wei Peng, et al. ∙ 25

Recently, there has been a raising surge of momentum for deep representation learning in hyperbolic spaces due to theirhigh capacity of modeling data like knowledge graphs or synonym hierarchies, possessing hierarchical structure. We refer it ashyperbolic deep neural network in this paper. Such a hyperbolic neural architecture potentially leads to drastically compact models withmuch more physical interpretability than its counterpart in Euclidean space. To stimulate future research, this paper presents acoherent and comprehensive review of the literature around the neural components in the construction of hyperbolic deep neuralnetworks, as well as the generalization of the leading deep approaches to the Hyperbolic space. It also presents current applicationsaround various machine learning tasks on several publicly available datasets, together with insightful observations and identifying openquestions and promising future directions.



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Library that contains implementations of machine learning components in the hyperbolic space

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