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HYouTube: Video Harmonization Dataset

by   Xinyuan Lu, et al.

Video composition aims to generate a composite video by combining the foreground of one video with the background of another video, but the inserted foreground may be incompatible with the background in terms of color and illumination. Video harmonization aims to adjust the foreground of a composite video to make it compatible with the background. So far, video harmonization has only received limited attention and there is no public dataset for video harmonization. In this work, we construct a new video harmonization dataset HYouTube by adjusting the foreground of real videos to create synthetic composite videos. Considering the domain gap between real composite videos and synthetic composite videos, we additionally create 100 real composite videos via copy-and-paste. Datasets are available at


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Code Repositories


[IJCAI 2022] The first public benchmark dataset for video harmonization. The code used in our paper "Deep Video Harmonization with Color Mapping Consistency", IJCAI 2022.

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