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Hybrid Movie Recommender System based on Resource Allocation

by   Mostafa Khalaji, et al.

Recommender Systems are inevitable to personalize user's experiences on the Internet. They are using different approaches to recommend the Top-K items to users according to their preferences. Nowadays recommender systems have become one of the most important parts of largescale data mining techniques. In this paper, we propose a Hybrid Movie Recommender System (HMRS) based on Resource Allocation to improve the accuracy of recommendation and solve the cold start problem for a new movie. HMRS-RA uses a self-organizing mapping neural network to clustering the users into N clusters. The users' preferences are different according to their age and gender, therefore HMRS-RA is a combination of a Content-Based Method for solving the cold start problem for a new movie and a Collaborative Filtering model besides the demographic information of users. The experimental results based on the MovieLens dataset show that the HMRS-RA increases the accuracy of recommendation compared to the state-of-art and similar works.


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