Hybrid Model For Intrusion Detection Systems

by   Baha Rababah, et al.

With the increasing number of new attacks on ever growing network traffic, it is becoming challenging to alert immediately any malicious activities to avoid loss of sensitive data and money. This is making intrusion detection as one of the major areas of concern in network security. Anomaly based network intrusion detection technique is one of the most commonly used technique. Depending upon the dataset used to test those techniques, the accuracy varies. Most of the times this dataset does not represent the real network traffic. Considering this, this project involves analysis of different machine learning algorithms used in intrusion detection systems, when tested upon two datasets which are similar to current real world network traffic(CICIDS2017) and an improvement of KDD 99 (NSL-KDD). After the analysis of different intrusion detection systems on both the datasets, this project aimed to develop a new hybrid model for intrusion detection systems. This new hybrid approach combines decision tree and random forest algorithms using stacking scheme to achieve an accuracy of 85.2 98


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