Hybrid LQG-Neural Controller for Inverted Pendulum System

11/30/2003 ∙ by E. S. Sazonov, et al. ∙ 0

The paper presents a hybrid system controller, incorporating a neural and an LQG controller. The neural controller has been optimized by genetic algorithms directly on the inverted pendulum system. The failure free optimization process stipulated a relatively small region of the asymptotic stability of the neural controller, which is concentrated around the regulation point. The presented hybrid controller combines benefits of a genetically optimized neural controller and an LQG controller in a single system controller. High quality of the regulation process is achieved through utilization of the neural controller, while stability of the system during transient processes and a wide range of operation are assured through application of the LQG controller. The hybrid controller has been validated by applying it to a simulation model of an inherently unstable system of inverted pendulum.



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