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Hybrid Kronecker Product Decomposition and Approximation

by   Chencheng Cai, et al.
Rutgers University

Discovering the underlying low dimensional structure of high dimensional data has attracted a significant amount of researches recently and has shown to have a wide range of applications. As an effective dimension reduction tool, singular value decomposition is often used to analyze high dimensional matrices, which are traditionally assumed to have a low rank matrix approximation. In this paper, we propose a new approach. We assume a high dimensional matrix can be approximated by a sum of a small number of Kronecker products of matrices with potentially different configurations, named as a hybird Kronecker outer Product Approximation (hKoPA). It provides an extremely flexible way of dimension reduction compared to the low-rank matrix approximation. Challenges arise in estimating a hKoPA when the configurations of component Kronecker products are different or unknown. We propose an estimation procedure when the set of configurations are given and a joint configuration determination and component estimation procedure when the configurations are unknown. Specifically, a least squares backfitting algorithm is used when the configuration is given. When the configuration is unknown, an iterative greedy algorithm is used. Both simulation and real image examples show that the proposed algorithms have promising performances. The hybrid Kronecker product approximation may have potentially wider applications in low dimensional representation of high dimensional data


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