Hybrid Generative Models for Two-Dimensional Datasets

by   Hoda Shajari, et al.

Two-dimensional array-based datasets are pervasive in a variety of domains. Current approaches for generative modeling have typically been limited to conventional image datasets and performed in the pixel domain which do not explicitly capture the correlation between pixels. Additionally, these approaches do not extend to scientific and other applications where each element value is continuous and is not limited to a fixed range. In this paper, we propose a novel approach for generating two-dimensional datasets by moving the computations to the space of representation bases and show its usefulness for two different datasets, one from imaging and another from scientific computing. The proposed approach is general and can be applied to any dataset, representation basis, or generative model. We provide a comprehensive performance comparison of various combinations of generative models and representation basis spaces. We also propose a new evaluation metric which captures the deficiency of generating images in pixel space.



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