HRTF measurement for accurate identification of binaural sound localization cues

by   Gyeong-Tae Lee, et al.

Although various research institutes have measured head-related transfer functions (HRTFs), the standards for system design, measurement, and post-processing have often been unclear or inaccurate. This paper presents accurate and practical methods for the major issues of HRTF database construction, especially on loudspeaker design, measurement of the origin transfer function at the head center, selection of time window interval, and compensation for non-causality of ipsilateral HRTF. Then, the effect of each method on binaural sound localization cues was investigated. Especially, interaural time difference (ITD), interaural level difference (ILD), spectral cue (SC), and horizontal plane directivity (HPD) were extracted from the HRTFs to examine the effect of each method on binaural sound localization cues. MATLAB codes and resulting HRTF database are available at GitHub (


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