hr-adaptivity for nonconforming high-order meshes with the target matrix optimization paradigm

by   Veselin Dobrev, et al.

We present an hr-adaptivity framework for optimization of high-order meshes. This work extends the r-adaptivity method for mesh optimization by Dobrev et al., where we utilized the Target-Matrix Optimization Paradigm (TMOP) to minimize a functional that depends on each element's current and target geometric parameters: element aspect-ratio, size, skew, and orientation. Since fixed mesh topology limits the ability to achieve the target size and aspect-ratio at each position, in this paper we augment the r-adaptivity framework with nonconforming adaptive mesh refinement to further reduce the error with respect to the target geometric parameters. The proposed formulation, referred to as hr-adaptivity, introduces TMOP-based quality estimators to satisfy the aspect-ratio-target via anisotropic refinements and size-target via isotropic refinements in each element of the mesh. The methodology presented is purely algebraic, extends to both simplices and hexahedra/quadrilaterals of any order, and supports nonconforming isotropic and anisotropic refinements in 2D and 3D. Using a problem with a known exact solution, we demonstrate the effectiveness of hr-adaptivity over both r- and h-adaptivity in obtaining similar accuracy in the solution with significantly fewer degrees of freedom. We also present several examples that show that hr-adaptivity can help satisfy geometric targets even when r-adaptivity fails to do so, due to the topology of the initial mesh.



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