hp-VPINNs: Variational Physics-Informed Neural Networks With Domain Decomposition

by   Ehsan Kharazmi, et al.

We formulate a general framework for hp-variational physics-informed neural networks (hp-VPINNs) based on the nonlinear approximation of shallow and deep neural networks and hp-refinement via domain decomposition and projection onto space of high-order polynomials. The trial space is the space of neural network, which is defined globally over the whole computational domain, while the test space contains the piecewise polynomials. Specifically in this study, the hp-refinement corresponds to a global approximation with local learning algorithm that can efficiently localize the network parameter optimization. We demonstrate the advantages of hp-VPINNs in accuracy and training cost for several numerical examples of function approximation and solving differential equations.


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hp-VPINNs: variational physics-informed neural network with domain decomposition is a general framework to solve differential equations

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