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How URLLC can Benefit from NOMA-based Retransmissions

by   Radosław Kotaba, et al.

Among the new types of connectivity unleashed by the emerging 5G wireless systems, Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC) is perhaps the most innovative, yet challenging one. Ultra-reliability requires high levels of diversity, however, the reactive approach based on packet retransmission in HARQ protocols should be applied carefully to conform to the stringent latency constraints. The main premise of this paper is that the NOMA principle can be used to achieve highly efficient retransmissions by allowing concurrent use of wireless resources in the uplink. We introduce a comprehensive solution that accommodates multiple intermittently active users, each with its own HARQ process. The performance is investigated under two different assumptions about the Channel State Information (CSI) availability: statistical and instantaneous. The results show that NOMA can indeed lead to highly efficient system operation compared to the case in which all HARQ processes are run orthogonally.


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