How Much Automation Does a Data Scientist Want?

by   Dakuo Wang, et al.

Data science and machine learning (DS/ML) are at the heart of the recent advancements of many Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. There is an active research thread in AI, , that aims to develop systems for automating end-to-end the DS/ML Lifecycle. However, do DS and ML workers really want to automate their DS/ML workflow? To answer this question, we first synthesize a human-centered AutoML framework with 6 User Role/Personas, 10 Stages and 43 Sub-Tasks, 5 Levels of Automation, and 5 Types of Explanation, through reviewing research literature and marketing reports. Secondly, we use the framework to guide the design of an online survey study with 217 DS/ML workers who had varying degrees of experience, and different user roles "matching" to our 6 roles/personas. We found that different user personas participated in distinct stages of the lifecycle – but not all stages. Their desired levels of automation and types of explanation for AutoML also varied significantly depending on the DS/ML stage and the user persona. Based on the survey results, we argue there is no rationale from user needs for complete automation of the end-to-end DS/ML lifecycle. We propose new next steps for user-controlled DS/ML automation.


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