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How fast can you update your MST? (Dynamic algorithms for cluster computing)

by   Seth Gilbert, et al.
National University of Singapore

Imagine a large graph that is being processed by a cluster of computers, e.g., described by the k-machine model or the Massively Parallel Computation Model. The graph, however, is not static; instead it is receiving a constant stream of updates. How fast can the cluster process the stream of updates? The fundamental question we want to ask in this paper is whether we can update the graph fast enough to keep up with the stream. We focus specifically on the problem of maintaining a minimum spanning tree (MST), and we give an algorithm for the k-machine model that can process O(k) graph updates per O(1) rounds with high probability. (And these results carry over to the Massively Parallel Computation (MPC) model.) We also show a lower bound, i.e., it is impossible to process k^1+ϵ updates in O(1) rounds. Thus we provide a nearly tight answer to the question of how fast a cluster can respond to a stream of graph modifications while maintaining an MST.


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