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HoloMed: A Low-Cost Gesture-Based Holographic

by   Juan Perozo, et al.
Universida Central de Venezuela

During medicine studies, visualization of certain elements is common and indispensable in order to get more information about the way they work. Currently, we resort to the use of photographs -which are insufficient due to being static- or tests in patients, which can be invasive or even risky. Therefore, a low-cost approach is proposed by using a 3D visualization. This paper presents a holographic system built with low-cost materials for teaching obstetrics, where student interaction is performed by using voice and gestures. Our solution, which we called HoloMed, is focused on the projection of a euthocic normal delivery under a web-based infrastructure which also employs a Kinect. HoloMed is divided in three (3) essential modules: a gesture analyzer, a data server, and a holographic projection architecture, which can be executed in several interconnected computers using different network protocols. Tests used for determining the user's position, illumination factors, and response times, demonstrate HoloMed's effectiveness as a low-cost system for teaching, using a natural user interface and 3D images.


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