HLT-NUS Submission for NIST 2019 Multimedia Speaker Recognition Evaluation

by   Rohan Kumar Das, et al.

This work describes the speaker verification system developed by Human Language Technology Laboratory, National University of Singapore (HLT-NUS) for 2019 NIST Multimedia Speaker Recognition Evaluation (SRE). The multimedia research has gained attention to a wide range of applications and speaker recognition is no exception to it. In contrast to the previous NIST SREs, the latest edition focuses on a multimedia track to recognize speakers with both audio and visual information. We developed separate systems for audio and visual inputs followed by a score level fusion of the systems from the two modalities to collectively use their information. The audio systems are based on x-vector based speaker embedding, whereas the face recognition systems are based on ResNet and InsightFace based face embeddings. With post evaluation studies and refinements, we obtain an equal error rate (EER) of 0.88 actual detection cost function (actDCF) of 0.026 on the evaluation set of 2019 NIST multimedia SRE corpus.


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