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HiVLP: Hierarchical Vision-Language Pre-Training for Fast Image-Text Retrieval

by   Feilong Chen, et al.

In the past few years, the emergence of vision-language pre-training (VLP) has brought cross-modal retrieval to a new era. However, due to the latency and computation demand, it is commonly challenging to apply VLP in a real-time online retrieval system. To alleviate the defect, this paper proposes a Hierarchical Vision-Language Pre-Training (HiVLP) for fast Image-Text Retrieval (ITR). Specifically, we design a novel hierarchical retrieval objective, which uses the representation of different dimensions for coarse-to-fine ITR, i.e., using low-dimensional representation for large-scale coarse retrieval and high-dimensional representation for small-scale fine retrieval. We evaluate our proposed HiVLP on two popular image-text retrieval benchmarks, i.e., Flickr30k and COCO. Extensive experiments demonstrate that our HiVLP not only has fast inference speed but also can be easily scaled to large-scale ITR scenarios. The detailed results show that HiVLP is 1,427∼120,649× faster than the fusion-based model UNITER and 2∼5 faster than the fastest embedding-based model LightingDot in different candidate scenarios. It also achieves about +4.9 AR on COCO and +3.8 AR on Flickr30K than LightingDot and achieves comparable performance with the state-of-the-art (SOTA) fusion-based model METER.


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