Hihooi: A Database Replication Middleware for Scaling Transactional Databases Consistently

03/16/2020 ∙ by {Michael A. Georgiou, et al. ∙ 0

With the advent of the Internet and Internet-connected devices, modern business applications can experience rapid increases as well as variability in transactional workloads. Database replication has been employed to scale performance and improve availability of relational databases but past approaches have suffered from various issues including limited scalability, performance versus consistency tradeoffs, and requirements for database or application modifications. This paper presents Hihooi, a replication-based middleware system that is able to achieve workload scalability, strong consistency guarantees, and elasticity for existing transactional databases at a low cost. A novel replication algorithm enables Hihooi to propagate database modifications asynchronously to all replicas at high speeds, while ensuring that all replicas are consistent. At the same time, a fine-grained routing algorithm is used to load balance incoming transactions to available replicas in a consistent way. Our thorough experimental evaluation with several well-established benchmarks shows how Hihooi is able to achieve almost linear workload scalability for transactional databases.



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