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Higher-Order Attention Networks

by   Mustafa Hajij, et al.

This paper introduces higher-order attention networks (HOANs), a novel class of attention-based neural networks defined on a generalized higher-order domain called a combinatorial complex (CC). Similar to hypergraphs, CCs admit arbitrary set-like relations between a collection of abstract entities. Simultaneously, CCs permit the construction of hierarchical higher-order relations analogous to those supported by cell complexes. Thus, CCs effectively generalize both hypergraphs and cell complexes and combine their desirable characteristics. By exploiting the rich combinatorial nature of CCs, HOANs define a new class of message-passing attention-based networks that unifies higher-order neural networks. Our evaluation on tasks related to mesh shape analysis and graph learning demonstrates that HOANs attain competitive, and in some examples superior, predictive performance in comparison to state-of-the-art neural networks.


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