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High-speed Railway Fastener Detection and Localization System

by   Qing Song, et al.

Railway transportation is the artery of China's national economy and plays an important role in the development of today's society. Due to the late start of China's railway security inspection technology, the current railway security inspection tasks mainly rely on manual inspection, but the manual inspection efficiency is low, and a lot of manpower and material resources are needed. In this paper, we establish a steel rail fastener detection image dataset, which contains 4,000 rail fastener pictures about 4 types. We use the regional suggestion network to generate the region of interest, extracts the features using the convolutional neural network, and fuses the classifier into the detection network. With online hard sample mining to improve the accuracy of the model, we optimize the Faster RCNN detection framework by reducing the number of regions of interest. Finally, the model accuracy reaches 99 speed reaches 35FPS in the deployment environment of TITAN X GPU.


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