High order asymptotic preserving Hermite WENO fast sweeping method for the steady-state S_N transport equation

by   Yupeng Ren, et al.

In this paper, we propose to combine the fifth order Hermite weighted essentially non-oscillatory (HWENO) scheme and fast sweeping method (FSM) for the solution of the steady-state S_N transport equation in the finite volume framework. It is well-known that the S_N transport equation asymptotically converges to a macroscopic diffusion equation in the limit of optically thick systems with small absorption and sources. Numerical methods which can preserve the asymptotic limit are referred to as asymptotic preserving methods. In the one-dimensional case, we provide the analysis to demonstrate the asymptotic preserving property of the high order finite volume HWENO method, by showing that its cell-edge and cell-average fluxes possess the thick diffusion limit. Numerical results in both one- and two- dimensions are presented to validate its asymptotic preserving property. A hybrid strategy to compute the nonlinear weights in the HWENO reconstruction is introduced to save computational cost. Extensive one- and two-dimensional numerical experiments are performed to verify the accuracy, asymptotic preserving property and positivity of the proposed HWENO FSM.


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