High-Level Combined Deterministic and Pseudoexhuastive Test Generation for RISC Processors

by   Adeboye Stephen Oyeniran, et al.

Recent safety standards set stringent requirements for the target fault coverage in embedded microprocessors, with the objective to guarantee robustness and functional safety of the critical electronic systems. This motivates the need for improving the quality of test generation for microprocessors. A new high-level implementation-independent test generation method for RISC processors is proposed. The set of instructions of the processor is partitioned nto groups. For each group, a dedicated test template is created, to be used for generating two test programs, for testing the control and the data paths respectively. For testing the control part, a novel high-level control fault model is proposed. Using this model, a set of deterministic test data operands are generated for each instruction of the given group. The advantage of the high-level fault model is that it covers larger than SAF fault class including multiple fault coverage in the control part. For generating the data path test, pseudoexhaustive data operands are used. We investigated the feasibility of the approach and demonstrated high efficiency of the generated test programs for testing the execute module of the miniMIPS RISC processor.



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