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High-Efficiency Resonant Beam Charging and Communication

by   Yunfeng Bai, et al.
Tongji University
FUDAN University

Simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (SWIPT) has been envisioned as an enabling technology for future 6G by providing high-efficiency power transfer and high-rate data transmissions concurrently. In this paper, we propose a resonant beam charging and communication (RBCC) system utilizing the telescope internal modulator (TIM) and the semiconductor gain medium. TIM can concentrate the diverged beam into a small-size gain module, thus the propagation loss is reduced and the transmission efficiency is enhanced. Since the semiconductor gain medium has better energy absorption capacity compared with the traditional solid-state one, the overall energy conversion efficiency can be improved. We establish an analytical model of this RBCC system for SWIPT and evaluate its stability, output energy, and spectral efficiency. Numerical analysis shows that the proposed RBCC system can realize stable SWIPT over 10 meters, whose energy conversion efficiency is increased by 14 times compared with the traditional system using the solid-state gain medium without TIM, and the spectrum efficiency can be above 15 bit/s/Hz.


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