High Capacity, Secure (n, n/8) Multi Secret Image Sharing Scheme with Security Key

10/26/2017 ∙ by Karthik Reddy, et al. ∙ 0

The rising need of secret image sharing with high security has led to much advancement in lucrative exchange of important images which contain vital and confidential information. Multi secret image sharing system (MSIS) is an efficient and robust method for transmitting one or more secret images securely. In recent research, n secret images are encrypted into n or n+ 1 shared images and stored in different database servers. The decoder has to receive all n or n+1 encrypted images to reproduce the secret image. One can recover partial secret information from n-1 or fewer shared images, which poses risk for the confidential information encrypted. In this proposed paper we developed a novel algorithm to increase the sharing capacity by using (n, n/8) multi-secret sharing scheme with increased security by generating a unique security key. A unrevealed comparison image is used to produce shares which makes the secret image invulnerable to the hackers



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