High Aptitude Motor Imagery BCI Users Have Better Visuospatial Memory

by   Nikki Leeuwis, et al.

Brain computer interfaces (BCI) decode the electrophysiological signals from the brain into an action that is carried out by a computer or robotic device. Motor imagery BCIs (MI BCI) rely on the user s imagination of bodily movements, however not all users can generate the brain activity needed to control MI BCI. This difference in MI BCI performance among novice users could be due to their cognitive abilities. In this study, the impact of spatial abilities and visuospatial memory on MI BCI performance is investigated. Fifty four novice users participated in a MI BCI task and two cognitive tests. The impact of spatial abilities and visuospatial memory on BCI task error rate in three feedback sessions was measured. Our results showed that spatial abilities, as assessed by the Mental Rotation Test, were not related to MI BCI performance, however visuospatial memory, assessed by the design organization test, was higher in high aptitude users. Our findings can contribute to optimization of MI BCI training paradigms through participant screening and cognitive skill training.



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