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Hierarchical Pyramid Representations for Semantic Segmentation

by   Hiroaki Aizawa, et al.
Gifu University
Hiroshima University

Understanding the context of complex and cluttered scenes is a challenging problem for semantic segmentation. However, it is difficult to model the context without prior and additional supervision because the scene's factors, such as the scale, shape, and appearance of objects, vary considerably in these scenes. To solve this, we propose to learn the structures of objects and the hierarchy among objects because context is based on these intrinsic properties. In this study, we design novel hierarchical, contextual, and multiscale pyramidal representations to capture the properties from an input image. Our key idea is the recursive segmentation in different hierarchical regions based on a predefined number of regions and the aggregation of the context in these regions. The aggregated contexts are used to predict the contextual relationship between the regions and partition the regions in the following hierarchical level. Finally, by constructing the pyramid representations from the recursively aggregated context, multiscale and hierarchical properties are attained. In the experiments, we confirmed that our proposed method achieves state-of-the-art performance in PASCAL Context.


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