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Hierarchical Multiclass Decompositions with Application to Authorship Determination

by   Ran El-Yaniv, et al.

This paper is mainly concerned with the question of how to decompose multiclass classification problems into binary subproblems. We extend known Jensen-Shannon bounds on the Bayes risk of binary problems to hierarchical multiclass problems and use these bounds to develop a heuristic procedure for constructing hierarchical multiclass decomposition for multinomials. We test our method and compare it to the well known "all-pairs" decomposition. Our tests are performed using a new authorship determination benchmark test of machine learning authors. The new method consistently outperforms the all-pairs decomposition when the number of classes is small and breaks even on larger multiclass problems. Using both methods, the classification accuracy we achieve, using an SVM over a feature set consisting of both high frequency single tokens and high frequency token-pairs, appears to be exceptionally high compared to known results in authorship determination.


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