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Hibikino-Musashi@Home 2020 Team Description Paper

by   Tomohiro Ono, et al.
Kyushu Institute of Technology

Our team, Hibikino-Musashi@Home (HMA), was founded in 2010. It is based in Japan in the Kitakyushu Science and Research Park. Since 2010, we have annually participated in the RoboCup@Home Japan Open competition in the open platform league (OPL). We participated as an open platform league team in the 2017 Nagoya RoboCup competition and as a domestic standard platform league (DSPL) team in the 2017 Nagoya, 2018 Montreal, and 2019 Sydney RoboCup competitions. We also participated in the World Robot Challenge (WRC) 2018 in the service-robotics category of the partner-robot challenge (real space) and won first place. Currently, we have 20 members from eight different laboratories within the Kyushu Institute of Technology. In this paper, we introduce the activities that have been performed by our team and the technologies that we use.


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