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HHF: Hashing-guided Hinge Function for Deep Hashing Retrieval

by   Chengyin Xu, et al.
Tsinghua University

Deep hashing has shown promising performance in large-scale image retrieval. However, latent codes extracted by Deep Neural Network (DNN) will inevitably lose semantic information during the binarization process, which damages the retrieval efficiency and make it challenging. Although many existing approaches perform regularization to alleviate quantization errors, we figure out an incompatible conflict between the metric and quantization losses. The metric loss penalizes the inter-class distances to push different classes unconstrained far away. Worse still, it tends to map the latent code deviate from ideal binarization point and generate severe ambiguity in the binarization process. Based on the minimum distance of the binary linear code, Hashing-guided Hinge Function (HHF) is proposed to avoid such conflict. In detail, we carefully design a specific inflection point, which relies on the hash bit length and category numbers to balance metric learning and quantization learning. Such a modification prevents the network from falling into local metric optimal minima in deep hashing. Extensive experiments in CIFAR-10, CIFAR-100, ImageNet, and MS-COCO show that HHF consistently outperforms existing techniques, and is robust and flexible to transplant into other methods.


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