HexGen and Hex2Spline: Polycube-based Hexahedral Mesh Generation and Spline Modeling for Isogeometric Analysis Applications in LS-DYNA

by   Yuxuan Yu, et al.

In this paper, we present two software packages, HexGen and Hex2Spline, that seamlessly integrate geometry design with isogeometric analysis (IGA) in LS-DYNA. Given a boundary representation of a solid model, HexGen creates a hexahedral mesh by utilizing a semi-automatic polycube-based mesh generation method. Hex2Spline takes the output hexahedral mesh from HexGen as the input control mesh and constructs volumetric truncated hierarchical splines. Through Bézier extraction, Hex2Spline transfers spline information to LS-DYNA and performs IGA therein. We explain the underlying algorithms in each software package and use a rod model to explain how to run the software. We also apply our software to several other complex models to test its robustness. Our goal is to provide a robust volumetric modeling tool and thus expand the boundary of IGA to volume-based industrial applications.



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